What's happened!

What a mess!
I have almost finished writing this blog but the article has been gone! I don't know what's happened to my computer! I am so upset now.

I have been busy since the winter vacation was over. Finally I found time to write a blog and wrote 1200 words but they are all gone! I was writing about my illness. I caught the flu last weekend and have already recovered but am notin completely good health yet. I have a stomachache and diarrhea. The cause of them is a medicine for the flu. I went to see a doctor again to get a binding medicine. What I can eat is easily digestible food like rice porridge.

Sukiyaki, Sushi, Crab and Beef

This is a story about my New Year's Eve.
I was busy to buy some special foods and goods for New Year's Day. When I was driving, I heard on the radio that most of the Japanese people have Sushi for dinner at New Year's Eve's night, secondly, most Japanese people have crab and Sukiyaki is the eighth. But in this area, most people have Sukiyaki at New Year's Eve's night. At the supermarket we can find lots of beef for Sukiyaki at the end of December.
Here is what my son wrote."Yesterday, New Year's Eve, my family ate sukiyaki. We prepared two kilograms beef for sukiyaki. But we ate no more than half of them".