Golden Week

Golden Week is coming soon. Some people have already started their Golden Week.
I think most Japanese people love Golden Week, but I don't like it.
This is because in my Golden Week is as busy as New Year's Eve. I am always occupied with taking care of my family. I can't go out during Golden Week because I need to help my parents-in-law, who are farmers.
They grow vegetables and they water the plants twice a day, in the morning and in the late afternoon.
When they go out,they ask me to water the plants so I can't find time to go out. They don't like staying at home all day long. Me neither.

What to do In Spring

I don't like spring because I have a lot of things to do in spring more than other seasons.

In spring plants grow well. That means I have to mow grass and weed the garden quite often. Then I need to change winter things into summer things.
Washing all blankets and winter clothes is tough but putting them away in the closets is much tougher. I also need to put away five heaters. There is still some kerosene in them. I should remove the kerosene from the heaters before putting them away.
The mere thought of these things disgusts me.
It will be sunny all this week here. I wish I could fly away.