What Happened to My husband

I have been busy since June 9 because my husband injured his leg on the day. It happened early in the morning.
My husband sprained his ankle badly and fell down. He seemed to have severe pain and could not move at all. He lay down on the floor for a while so I asked him if we needed to call an ambulance. He refused it.
He thought he just sprained his ankle but not broke his leg so he wanted to stay stillfor a while. He had been lying on his stomach on the floor for two hours. He had to take a week off. He couldn't stand nor walk nor go to the bathroomby himself.
He ended up spending a week in the living room.

How I Feel

I am upset. I have been upset from the beginning of this month.
My feeling is influenced by the weather. The weather hasn't been bad. It hasn't been hot and cold. There is no reason the weather makes me irritated. I should have been comfortable.
But there is nothing under control. Someone lied to me. Someone broke her word. Someone doesn't follow the schedule. Someone has been lazy. One of the workshops was not useful. How many stupid people are around me? Don't bother me. I don't care what you do. I will never listen to you, trust you and be involved with you. Leave me alone.


I didn't have anything special to do yesterday but I am kind of busy today.
I have many plans to carry out this month. I am going to attend some workshops and a lecture for parents of university students. The lecturer is a very famous person. We can see him on TV. So I am very excited.
But I don't know if I can attend the lecture yet. The number of auditors will be limited and people who can attend it are determined by lots. I am not always lucky in lotteries.
If I am rejected, I will curse the promoter, which is a university.
If I am accepted, I will praise it.

The strangest dream

I am going to write about the strangest dream I've ever had.

In the dream my parents-in-law could stand on the walls and the ceilings. They could also run as fast as an Olympic athlete and asked me why I couldn't do what they could do.
In fact, my mother-in-law can't even stand on her own. A few years ago, she had a surgery on her back to get rid of numbness on her legs but her condition didn't improve.
After leaving the hospital the condition has worsened. Before the surgery she could walk on her own but now she can't even sit up under her own power.

All she got from the surgery was severe pain.

What's That Sound?

It is around midnight but I am not sleepy yet because I took a nap.

I heard a sound "crack" from the living room right now. I went into the room and checked what's happened. I saw my husband sleeping on the sofa and glass broken into pieces beside the sofa on the floor. My husband seemed to have fallen asleep with a glass in his hand while watching TV. A splinter of glass had stuck in his hand but it didn't matter much. I picked up the fragments of the broken glass and vacuumed the room.

I'll make him use a tempered glass from now on instead of a crystal glass.