My memory is failing me

This week, I don't have a holiday. I am too busy to prepare meals, so I sometimes skip meals. My memory is failing me and playing tricks on me.

One day, I got a phone call from one of my student's mother. She said her son didn't get a homework sheet from me, but I was sure I had handed it to him. I've never forgotten what I haven't finished yet. She was also sure her son hadn't gotten the homework sheet. I was puzzled and checked over, and then found that I hadn't passed it to him yet.

There was another happening last weekend. In a supermarket, I had four shopping bags and left one of them in the supermarket. It was the biggest in four. I couldn't believe it.

Before Father's day

Oh no!! I deleted everything that I wrote by mistake.

My father-in-law is a farmer and grows vegetables. He is growing tomatoes now.
This year, the tomatoes are growing much better than usual. So he wanted to send them to my hometown. Before we sent them, I called my father to tell him that he was getting many tomatoes. When he heard that, he seemed to be surprised. It was just three days before Father's Day.

I didn't intend to send tomatoes as a Father's Day gift. It was quite poorly timed.

The next day, I received an email from my mother and it said they were happy to get tomatoes. I felt relieved.

Rainy season

The rainy season has already set in, but it hasn't rained since yesterday.
Yesterday and today, it was much hotter than the day before yesterday. The highest temperature of yesterday was 32 ℃ and today was 29 ℃.
So, after lunch I went out and dropped in at a conveniece store to buy some ice cream that my husband had requested me to get.
The conveniece store is famous for its shaved ice. The shaved ice is mixed with jelly with ice cream on the top.
My husband will taste both shaved ice and ice cream at a time. The shaved ice is called Halo Halo.
I bought a mango parfait for myself and a Halo Halo for him.