Today's temperature will be lower. It was also cool last night, so I needed to close the window before going to bed.
In the summer, I usually wake up before 6 a.m because of the heat, but it was already 7 a.m. when I woke up this morning. It was not too late, so I opened the window and enjoyed the fresh air lying on the bed for a while.
Then I saw the clock. I said 7:20. I was late. I spent too much time in bed! I dashed to my children's room. At the doors I spoke to them loudly to tell them the time. It was not too late for my children, but it was not enough for me to make breakfast and a lunch box for my son, so I promised him to bring a lunch box on time.
It is not so far from our house to the driving school that he goes to. It takes about 20 minutes by car at most. His lunch time starts at 13:10. I had several hours to leave home,so I started writing my diary.

After bringing him the lunch box, I dropped into a contact lenses shop where I ordered some contact lenses last week. When I was about to open the front door, I saw a signboard in the entrance hall. It said "Closed for inventory stocktaking" "Gosh! I need to come again. Why didn't the shop put the signboard outside? Why did they tell me the shop is closed today?" I thought. There was another customer at the front door. We both sighed and returned to our cars. Then, I went to work. Now,I have already had dinner,taken a shower and am eating ice cream.

While I was taking a shower, I realized I had forgotten something to do today. It is too late. I'll send this diary right away before falling asleep.

One of my favorite charactors

Have you ever watched the TV drama "Once Upon a Time"? It's one of my favorite TV dramas. One of the characters is a foster mother of a boy. She loves the boy very much. She does anything to protect him. In the story, she is not a heroine but a villain. I've never like villains, but she is the exception. She takes care of him well, but she doesn't spoil him. I might be doting upon my son now. I want to do whatever he wants, because he will go back to his dormitory in three weeks. While he is at the dormitory, there is nothing I can do for him. That's very helpful, but sometimes I feel empty. I think I still cling to him emotionally. If I could , I would be with him all the time.

Now I need to get up early every day to make a lunch box for him. That's about it all for now. Talk to you soon.


Last Thursday, I went to a beauty salon to have my hair dyed.
Last month, I made a reservation for my next appointment. It was supposed to be at the end of September. I am always busy in August, and I hadn't gotten my hair cut or dyed in August for years. So the head of the hairdressers seemed surprised that I visited there so soon.
I needed to renew my driving license this month. When we renew the license, we need to get our picture taken. The picture taken by staff is usually not good.  
This is why I changed my mind. I talked to the head about this, and she made me look as good as possible.


Recently,we've been having a local downpour in the evening almost every day. Thanks to the rain, I don't need to water the plants. Three days ago, around 3p.m. I saw dark clouds were hanging low, so I thought it was about to rain, and then I went to work. That night, I was too tired to take care of the plants. The next afternoon, I found the plants were dying. I regretted than I hadn't watered the plants before getting to work, and watered them. Yesterday, it was going to be a rainy day. I didn't think it was necessary to water the plants but I did just in case.
Immediately after that, it began to rain but stopped raining soon. Then I drove my son to driving school. He usually takes the school bus. To take the bus, the students need to make a reservation at the reception desk each time. He forgot to do it. On the way, he noticed he forgot to take an umbrella. He was going to come home by bus. The bus stop is a 10 minute walk from our house.
I suggested we place an umbrella, which was in disuse, at the stop. We didn't care if anyone took it. When I brought one to the stop, it was raining cats and dogs. I was satisfied about what I did, and left to get to work. It rained off and on all day long.


I checked my diary that I wrote last year. I found I kept my diary at night then.
Recently, I've been going to bed earlier and waking up much earlier than last year. They say old people usually wake up early but young people don't. Am I that old? I don't think so.
I have another reason. There is no need to stay up late nowadays. I go to bed around 10:30 and get up around 5:30. I make breakfast for my family and make a lunch box for my son. During summer vacation, he goes to a driving school every day except Sunday and intends to get a driver's license before his second semester of college starts.


I haven't written anything in my English diary for a month.
Before the Bon holidays, most Japanese adult people are busier than usual,I guess.
Now, let me think about what happened in the past. My son, who lives in a dormitory, came back home at the end of July and my husband took one week of Bon holidays. My husband seemed happy to see our son every day. But my son didn't seem happy because my husband made him busy.