Compare with my families

I began to do an email correction service. Writing an email is easier than writing a diary, because an email is 200 letters shorter than a diary. I can ususally finish writing an email within 10 minutes, but I need one hour to finish writing my diary. Writing diaries is kind of like talking to myself. I hardly talk to myself, so it is not easy for me to think of what to write about.

All I've had to do recently is go to the hospital to see my mother-in-law. She is 83 years old and in poor health. Since early this month, she has not been able to eat or drink enough water. She was dehydrated when she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She got a drip infusion there. We wanted her to stay in the hospital, but the doctor said there was no room for her to stay, and moreover she was not ill, she was just decrepit. There was nothing that the doctor could do for her. The hospital's staff said we needed to take her home. How? We were puzzled about what to do.

In the end, we wrapped her with a blanket and then we carried her into the back seat and laid her down there. Before we left the hospital, we contracted with visiting nurses.
My mother-in-law had been complaining of having difficulty breathing, so the doctor arranged to send an oxygen inhaler to us. My mother-in-law began to get a drip infusion at home and use the oxygen inhaler. It wasn't likely to amount to much. She could only get 200cc drip infusion a day. Human beings need about 2 liters of water a day, so we were worried about how long she would live, and that she would not make it through the year. I made a phone call to tell my father about this situation.

Four days later, we got a phone call from the hospital,and they said there was a bed available for my mother-in-law. We felt relieved to hear that. I called my father again, and updated. When I finished, he said he had cancer and just had surgery, and that the cancer hasn't spread. I could not believe my ears. Why he didn't tell me anything when he found that he had cancer. Furthermore, he said that his wife, my step-mother also had surgery on both eyes caused by cataracts. I was really surprised but proud of my parents, because they are always composed.

On the other hand, my parents-in-law always overreact. They keep everyone busy. I am tired of it.

Christmas Party Plan

It was a lucky day called Taian yesterday.

I went shopping to buy some New Year's items and some beverages for Christmas. After I went shopping , I began to decorate my entrance and Japanese-style guest room. I already set up a Christmas tree that my daughter and I decorated; it's outside the front door.

We are going to have a Christmas party with children we will invite. I want to make them surprised and jump for joy. I am considering the party plan and looking for games in English online. We Japanese don't have any games for Christmas, so it is hard to imagine when and how to play them.


Having a lot of free time

I had a lot of free time this weekend, but there was nothing I wanted to do. I have watched all the TV programs that I had recorded. My husband is currently out of town, so no one asked me to do anything.

It is still 8:30 p.m. Usually I do the chores from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends, but today I had supper before 6 p.m and there aren't any interesting TV programs on tonight. I have been sitting at my computer desk and listening to music since I finished supper. I opened and closed the window repeatedly to let fresh air in. I also turned the heater on and off frequently to keep the room at a suitable temperature.


It was a very warm day today. I found two mantises and their nests in the garden when I was trimming the trees. It is already December. I wondered how long they would survive in the cold. Speaking of survival, I decided to join a survival campaign. This is my second trial. I failed it the last time, so I hope I can be one of the survivors this time. To enter the campaign, I'll begin to take email corrections. I've never taken them, so I am thinking how and to whom I will write the first email. I am busy in December, but I can manage my time and am confident of winning the reward.

Pleasant memory

Since last September, I have written only three English diaries. It doesn't mean there isn't anything to write about.
On October 28, I held a Halloween party and went out trick-or-treating with my students. It was a rainy day, but everyone enjoyed it. The most pleasant memory I have of that night was a two-year-old girl enjoying running with an umbrella to keep up with other children, who were elementary students. Her mother and I were worried that she might fall down and get wet. The little girl managed everything smoothly. She didn't give us any anxiety at all. After trick-or-treating, most children wanted towels to dry themselves. I also needed to dry my feet, which were dripping wet, but the girl didn't get wet at all. That was funny and reminded me of when my children were very young about seventeen years ago.
Since then, I always look back to that time, I am filled with nostalgic sweetness. I have been doing my best but I was not a good mother. I still don't know how to bring up my children. I hope I can be a wonderful grandmother in the future.