Sad News

I was going to write about the two Japanese hostages but they have already been killed by a group of terrorists.
I don't know about the people who live in the place where the terrorism has occurred.  I don't know why terrorism occurs.  The terrorism happened in Syria. Why are there so many cruel people in Syria?   Syria is located next to Turkey. Turkey has many good tourist spots and many Japanese tourists visit there.  I haven't been there but I have talked with Turkish young people online.  So I believe Turkey is a safe country. 
On the other hand Syria is a dangerous country. Prime Minister Abe said the Japanese government would never submit to terrorists. I have been watching and reading the news about this hostage crisis but I can't figure out how the Japanese government fights the terrorists.

President Obama said the US would be united with Japan and fight terrorists. I can't see what they are going to do. Is there anything they have already done? I don't intend to blame the government.  I think the victims were thoughtless and reckless, or daredevils, because they didn't show any change in expression before they were killed by a terrorist. On the video images they always looked calm. They didn't show sadness or fear, or beg for their lives. In the desperate situation, what were they thinking? Did they regret that they weren't more careful? I wonder what the terrorists are scheming to do next.   Some people who support the terrorists said to them on Twitter that they should abduct other Japanese journalists as hostages.

I don't think the Japanese government will use military power, because the Self-Defense Forces are not an armed force and self-defense officials work for people who need rescue, not to kill people.