Ice cubes

 I am writing today's diary while eating dinner and listening to music. I don't have any interesting topics to write about, but I do have something that made me upset. Maybe you will not understand why I am so upset.
 It is about my daughter, who is a college student. Today, she came home around 6p.m, and I came home at 9p.m.  That means, she spent three hours alone and had dinner by herself.  When I came back home, she had had dinner and was watching TV in the living room.  I went to the kitchen to get the meal that I made before going to work, and it was pretty hot outside so I really wanted something cold to drink.  I got a glass from the cabinet and took out a canned cocktail from my bag. I bought it on the way home, therefore, it had had gotten tepid. To get some ice cubes, I walked to the refrigerator and opened the freezer.  I found that there were no ice cubes there.  I was terribly shocked. I thought for a while why this had happened.  The cause of this occurrence was that my daughter had used all the ice cubes for herself!  I often tell her not to use all of the ice cubes at once. But she does not care what people say. So I scolded her and made her go to a convenience store to get some ice cubes.