What happened in my dream

I am upset. There are lots of things that make me upset. Today is my last day to write an English diary this month. I haven't finished lots of things yet.

The night before yesterday, I had a dream. It would have been terrifying if it were real. In the dream, I was talking on the phone with my daughter. I was staying at a hotel in Nagoya. My hometown is in Nagoya in reality. I haven't visited my parents since last March and I haven't taken a long vacation for years. I think that's why I had such a dream. In the dream, I decided to take a two day holiday. It happened on the first day of the holiday, a Monday evening. My daughter was talking to me in a loud voice. She was nearly screaming. At first I didn't understand why she was so upset. I was talking to her very calmly lying on the bed with a glass of wine. She said customers had visited me and they were waiting for me. She was utterly confused about the situation, and I couldn't believe what I heard. Of course, it never happened in fact. I started to panic. At the same time, I woke up and felt relieved. Then I hurried to the kitchen to make breakfast and lunch boxes for my family.

At lunch time, an itinerant medicine salesman visited me. He comes every two months. He remembers well what I said the last time. So I am happy when I talk with him. He says I look healthier than before. I think he makes me healthier. I don't need to buy any medicine. Sorry for that.