Hot Day

Recently, I write in my diary around midnight. It is hard for me to write something new around midnight because I usually get up at 5 am.

Today, I am trying to write now. It is before 8 pm. I have had dinner and I am full. I don't remember what I usually do after dinner on Saturday. I remember that I was busy last weekend.

However, tonight I don't have anything to do, so I can sit at my desk and write. My favorite dramas have started. I watch them after dinner so I sometimes lose track of time. I don't have any favorite dramas tonight. I have four hours before going to bed. I am thinking about what to write. Today was a hot day. The highest temperature was 30C. I had a poor appetite in the daytime but now it is much cooler and my appetite is increasing.

To divert myself, I took a bath. Now I am listening to music and drinking beer. I need something to eat with beer. I am crunching on pretzels. Snyder's is my favorite. When I first ate Snyder's, I stayed at a hotel in Tokyo. I have been a big fan of Snyder's, especially cheddar cheese flavor, since then. Beer, Snyder's and music makes me comfortable.
I think I should go to bed early tonight. Good night.
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